Our Goddess of iLegion is Iris

Our Goddess`s name is Iris. In Greek mythology, she is seen as the personification of the rainbow and a divine messenger. The rainbow of the Greek Goddess is a link to heaven and earth. In mythology, Goddess Iris is said to travel on the rainbow while carrying messages from the Greek deities to mortals.

Our Rainbow-Goddess of iLegion is Iris
Our Rainbow-Goddess of iLegion is Iris

Goddess Iris is also known as one of the Goddesses of the sea and the sky. While traveling with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other the Goddess of the Rainbow symbolizes a beautiful young woman with golden wings. The myth said Iris is wearing a coat of many colors, and with this coat, she creates the rainbows she rides to travel.

In Greek mythology, Iris was the handmaiden and personal messenger of Hera. The Greek Goddess is the daughter of Titan Thaumas and Oceanid Elektra. In Greek mythology, Thaumas was a sea god and Elektra was a cloud nymph. The symbol of a rainbow connects heaven and earth and often appears as an arch spanning between the clouds and the sea. The meteorological phenomenon is truly beautiful to look at, and so is our divine messenger.

Goddess Iris combines the function of a messenger of God with the symbol of the rainbow. Some texts would even describe her as the rainbow itself. We from iLegion believe in our Goddess as an appearance with a face as beautiful as a rainbow and a voice as melodic as the wind. The Greek Goddess has the power to create rainbows whenever they are wanted, and she also can make them vanish when they are no longer needed. Iris is truly a delightful Goddess of our religion of iLegion.

We praise our Goddess Iris in the religion of i within our spiritual church and with prayers and chants.