The prayers and chants in the religion of Ilegion

In the religion of Ilegion we see our prayers and chants as a way to increase our vibrations, achieve a peaceful state of mind, attain a sense of wellbeing, and get in touch with our goddess Iris. We celebrate this divine connection and share it with family and friends through our collective prayers. They help us maintain a clean state of mind and an uncluttered way of living, so we know we are on our spiritual path.

Prayers and chants of iLegion
Prayers and chants of iLegion

Prayers and chants are at the foundation of practicing the religion of Ilegion. They are an important part of our legionary traditions. From the beginning of their journey, our followers learn the proper way to do them first in large groups and then in small sessions, and individually. Special hymnals with the holy words of the religion of Ilegion are given to every follower. They contain prayers, songs, and graces for every hour of the day and every occasion.

The prayers and the chants should be performed with full focus and an open heart full of worship. There should be no hurry and pressure. You need to be relaxed and put all your worries behind you. The spirit of the activity should be joyful as we are celebrating our faith. Some of our followers choose to use rosary when they sing, but it is optional.

The prayers and chants in the religion of Ilegion are universally used across our locations around the world. Any prayer can be used in chanting. The main payers and chants are the following:

Authentic Iris

This is the most famous payer in the world of Ilegion which conveys the message of authenticity, minimalism, and simple life. The vibrations help the spirit raise above the earthy worries, it nurtures self-acceptance and self-love.

Worship Grace of Ilegion

This is a holy rhythm that focuses on embracing a life close to nature against the clutter of modern life. It encourages harmony, love for all plants and animals, compassion, and humility.

Healing Goddess

This chant eliminates sickness and suffering. It is used for healing the body and the soul or for overcoming physical or emotional blockages.


This prayer represents the spirit of the enlightened mind. It helps the chanter release themselves from their dependencies and addictions, gain clean energy and connect with the divine spirit.

Give me strength

This is a prayer to the goddess Iris. The chant should be repeated 76 times to please the goddess and gain her blessing. The chant makes the heart light and the spirit lifted, so we can feel the abundance without relying on the material world.