The origin of iLegion

The very beginning of the religion of iLegion were in the late 1990s when when digital environment began to grow and grow and first signs appeared of physical desices caused by digital overuse. The overwhelming of digitalism caused a lack of stillness and inner being. The parents of iLegion were people who started to refuse being all days available via email or mobile phone. If there would be an ancestry of iLegion, people or groups like the straight edge movement or meditation gurus should be named.

The Lent of iLegion

Every December millions of us mark the start of one of the most important periods in the calendar: the lent in the religion of iLegion.

the lent of iLegion
The Lent of iLegion

During Lent, we may decide to give up activities that distance us from the true essence and meaning of life. Many people choose to avoid using technology or indulging in other material endeavours like shopping. It is the time of the year to let go of the possessions that clutter our homes and distance ourselves from the people or activities that clutter our souls.

The Lent in the religion of iLegion is also a time to take up something new that will bring you closer to what really matters. Some of us get into fasting or meditation or isolate themselves to allow more time to reconnect with our authentic self.

The lent symbolizes the struggles of everyone who is pulled between what is material and superficial and what is spiritual and authentic. Our goddess Iris made this choice and embraced divinity, so we are following her path to eternal blissfulness. This is why the culmination of the Lent in the religion of iLegion, the last day of the year, is considered the happiest day on earth.