Our Faith in Goddess Iris

Faith is not an easy thing. It's nothing you can see, touch or proof. You have it, or you don't. People have faith in the most different things. And they don't have to be religious. You can have faith in humanity or a specific person, democracy or even technology.

the origin of iLegion
The origin of iLegion

Let us bring you closer to our faith of our religion iLegion. Learn about our origin, our ten commandments, our church and our prayers and chants. We believe in our Goddess Iris, who is guiding us on a spiritual path to acknowledge what really matters in life and often slips or attention: Colours and joy, love, trust, inclusion, simplicity, responsibility in taking care of others, and especially taking care of mother nature.

Get in touch and let’s slide together on Goddesses Iris rainbow through life. Have a leap of faith that life can get even better with iLegion.