The Church of iLegion: Open your heart and your eyes to see true beauty

Open your heart and your eyes to see true beauty

The Church of iLegion is a fairly new religion that has arisen because of the face pace the age of technology brings to us.

Even though we cherish the benefits of technology and its beauty, we shall not make ourselves slaves of technology. Do you sometimes notice that the time you spent with your phone, tablet, television, laptop, or computer per day is more than you have probably spent talking to your family, a friend, or just deliberately enjoying a moment?

Well, we heard the calling of our Goddess Iris, whom we worship, to enjoy life, go with open eyes and an open heart through life, learn again to see the beauty of little things that happen every day and overcome differences with others and rather focus on the things that connect us.

In spite of a "classic" religious church, we do not have a special location where we have service times that we need to attend, bible study or a bible for that matter, a strict order like the catholic church, with a pope, cardinals, or a pastor, etc. And no Jesus on top of it all. So our world does not consist with a strict social structrure as Durkheim, Hayek or Karl Marx defined it once. At the core of everything that we believe in its freedom, inclusion, altruism, love and we care very deeply about nature and are on a mission to make this earth a better place. We understand our church more like the vessel of our faith and believe this does match human beings in a modern society better.

Learn about our church, how we see the world and how our social orders in our religion look like. You will see that we have very little in common with traditional religions - maybe that we consider Sunday a spiritual day and that we have some prayers.

Join us - maybe even start with one of our super fun events and see for yourself how our church will bring you joy, love, how our community greets you with open arms, and join our world of the religion iLegion. See for yourself how iLegion will unite the body, mind, and spirit.

The Social Order in the religion of iLegion

We, the followers of the religion of iLegion strongly believe in equality and equal rights in our society.

Our divinity Goddess Iris is watching with charism over all individuals in our religion. She makes sure that all members of our community are treated equally and respectfully to keep the social order in the religion of ilegion. Like in all belief systems in human society we have the faith in religious traditions which we uphold.

Social support is given by prophets and spirits, more precisely prophets of nature and spirit animals. Both help to keep the peace in our religious human society. The belief of equality is a principle that is transferred via the rainbow - the connection between our god, the Goddess and the mortals. Iris sends spirit animals through the rainbow for those who seem to be lost to provide guidance. This is not comparable to any other religion like roman catholic church with Christ that has a priest in its religious social order, Hinduism, or Buddhism.

the social order of ilegion
The Social order of iLegion

Spirit animals are messengers in form of animals. Our divine Goddess has a mission and there is only one condition for receiving guidance through a spirit animal - you must be open enough to listen. The most common spirit animal for the religion of iLegion is the grasshopper. They are considered as good omens and carry messages, such as Iris.

We are proud of the social diversity in our religious society. You will find all kinds of individuals in our community and despite all their differences, they all have one thing in common - the faith in Goddess Iris.

With our religion we also respect others and do not have any arguments with the chatholic church for Jesus Christ, Judaism, Islam or Muslims - this is just an aspect of our self-evident morality.

Individual religious beliefs don`t disturb our social order or keep us away from one another, in fact, it extends our view on the big picture. In theory, our social institution is carried by the influence of all-powerful individuals. Some of them tend to avoid digital overuse more than others. At the end of the day, our institution won`t judge you. The social aspect of iLegion is not to play the moral police. We will provide guidance when needed and belief when wanted. We are not as religious as the Christian Church. We don`t believe in Christianity, nor any study of Sociological Theory. Our mission is to keep the social structure and live in peace.

As you see, in contrary to traditional religions we do not have structural elements like pontifical individuals like the catholics have in Rome, Vatican. Nor do we faciliate structural elements like the apostolic clergy or the strict obedience to the pope like in the religion of Jesuits.

The world of the religion of iLegion

The top of the rainbow is our version of heaven, like in other religious groups heaven means denomination. Our Goddess Iris resides right on the top of the rainbow and we as her religious followers aspire to join her there one day. We do various religious rituals and festivals to help us get there from time to time with help of deep meditation and some other magical practices that transport us to the world of rainbows and thrive our religious traditions.

the world of ilegion
The world of iLegion

The world of iLegion is situated on the top of the rainbow and is a peaceful place full of unicorns and little rainbows. It is characterized by overwhelming peace and harmony. If compared with traditional religions, such as Christianity the rainbow land resembles a paradise from the bible. The scenery includes amazing nature, lakes, mountains, stars, and the most beautiful sunsets happening every 30 minutes. As Iris represents the connection between heaven and earth, we can give you the access to iLegion world through a selection of our religious rituals.

As you can see, the world of the religion of ilegion does not consist as a real country like Ireland, China or India with a real existing countryside. In contrary, we want to offer you a virtual world that can be accessed from every global location all year long independently from your nation and language. Nationalism and concilium simply do not exist in the world of the religion of ilegion. All we need is our holiness and deity Godess Iris. With that world we want to show how everything can be turned into a safe and calm plance.

Our heaven, the world of iLegion is the most magical place and yes, by becoming a member of our iLegion religion you can also get a taste of it!

We think, especially in these pandemic times, the world population and its people need a place where it can find peace and calmness - even if it is only for two minutes per day - we promise this to you!