The open secrets in The religion of ILegion

As any other religion iLegion is very mysterious and we have many secrets.

The open secrets in the religion of iLegion
The open secrets in the religion of iLegion

Here are 3 of our darkest secrets:

Secret number 1: We actually do use smartphones!

  • However, technology does not control our lives but it helps us to improve them.
  • Our religious practices help us to master the technology and make it our servant
  • We are no longer dependent on technology.

Secret number 2: Sometimes we go on shopping spree and buy too many things at once.

  • That’s right, you can go crazy on shopping!
  • However, in the unlikely event of losing control and going crazy on shopping we know exactly what to do--> donate, donate, donate...
  • Our religion supports sharing, giving and community and so the more you go overboard with shopping, the better it is for those in need and the wider community.

Secret number 3: It’s actually ok to break any of our 10 commandments!

  • As long as you can find a meaningful way of turning it into a good deed!
  • ...and/or pay any applicable penalties and fees to our iLegion community so that we can find the way to make up for your Sinn for you. Easy peasy!