The ethical principles of the religion of ilegion

On this page we explain our ethical standards and how they contribute to the religion of I. The general ethical principles aim to provide well-being and self-determination to all members of the religion of i and treat all human subjects equally. With our ethics we hereby state our responsibility to enable a peacefull ethical world without stress. These general principles are specified with the ten rules of commandments of the religion of i.

1. Respect

We show respect with equal kindness and fairness to all our members independently from their ethnicity, sex, color, and gender identity. Every member has it’s right to express their opinion free of judge. We practice this in our daily life by listening to each other carefully and with mindfulness and respect if they have other opinions.

2. Beneficence

The members of the religion of iLegion shall all act for the benefits of other members. This means, we protect and defend each other's rights while avoiding risks or harms to others. We are therefore obliged to offer help for members in need for more peace and calm in their life.

Especially for new members we therefore all make or best to free them from stress in their life to reach their full potential. We enable them a peaceful decision-making process for a healthier life by inviting them to live a full week at on older member's home. This mentoring program will bring benefit to both the new member and mentor because by that both practice generosity and thankfulness in a common space and thus enable the ethical principles of ilegion.

3. Non-maleficence

With this principle we state not to harm others even if they are not members of the religion of iLegion. Meaning, if we meet a workaholic in our life, we can kindly give advises to become calmer and reduce stress, but we will not force them to join our way to minimalize the stress and reach out peace. With the non-maleficence principle, we aim to avoid and minimize any ethical issues between our community and the rest of the world.

The ethical principles of iLegion
The ethical principles of iLegion

4. Justice

Our aim is to distribute justice among our members. So, each of us gets equal access and to tools for minimalizing stress in their life and support along their way to freedom and calm. With that we want to reduce any conflict not only between the members of the religion of i but also outside of our community across the whole world. The distributive justice shall be practiced daily among our members of the religion of i in order contributing to our ethics.

5. Truth-Telling and Confidentiality

Every member is obliged to confess regularly if they violated our ten rules of the religion of i. Every confess is heard without judgement and our members give their honest advice how to act better in future. The members will also decide about how the confessing member can make up the violation. Ideally it will be something our whole community can benefit from like providing a new daily hack for a stress free live.

Every confess is also kept confidential within our members. No violation is communicated outside of our members because integrity is part of this principle.

With these five ethical principles of ilegion we aim to improve the world and its society to a more peaceful place. See here how we understand our social order in the religion of ilegion.