Mystic Rituals of iLegion: Your path to true spirituality

Mystical rituals and customs in the religion of iLegion
Mystical rituals and customs in the religion of iLegion

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by a world that is spinning faster and faster and all you wish for is to reconnect with nature and your spirituality? Well, we have felt the same way. Most religions do not reflect our beliefs, customs and culture. Let us take you on a spiritual journey and show you a way how to connect, practice and find people who you can connect with and focus on what really matters in life. 

There are tons of articles out there with great content, giving advice on how to find spiritual guidance. There are definitely helpful on the journey to open once mind to true spirituality.

"Don't get too religious on me!" Most religions feel ancient, too traditional, they lost the connection to the current times: The traditions, the customs, the culture, well even the social orders feel far off, and it is hard to build up a connection with that belief. And sometimes it seems they speak a different language. Did you ever had a mystical experience or even know what mysticism is about? It’s about totally becoming one with God or in our case, with our Goddess Iris.

To find divine love with Goddess Iris, to feel the mystical powers of our religion of iLegion and to get to the core of our belief, you have to embrace our simple mantra: Less is more.

These are a couple of our mystic rituals and customs to help you enter a consciousness of inner piece and being in harmony. We invite you to embrace our mystical traditions and witness a true religious experience:

  • Make it your bedtime ritual to switch off your cell phones at night and place it in another room. You will feel immediate relieve, have a much more relaxed and deeper sleep and are open to more mystic experiences. <\li>
  • Digital-Detox: What is more relaxing than a digital-detox on Sundays. Reconnect with your inner voice, your family and friends and indulge yourself with a bit of freedom from social media or being glued to the phone, television or computer. Your hands, eyes and your mind will thank you, with a spiritual openness, which is deeply connected with your consciousness of the soul.<\li>
  • If is is too hard for you at the beginning – we are here to help you explore the mystics and religious experience that the religion of iLegion will bring to you. Start with one Sunday and take it from there. You are STRONG and through embracing our conception of mysticism you will find that divine will. <\li> <\ul>

    To feel the power of the earth and have a spiritual connection with our Goddess Iris we have regular walks in forest – barefoot. It is that connection of being grounded, going back to the roots, a feeling of deep mystic forces that will open your eyes to what really matters in life: the here and now. But there is so much more to mystical rituals then one would assume - it's also about food, prayer, medidatoin and our etiquette - our society as a whole. If your are intrigued by our mysticism, come and learn more about us. 

    Our religion of iLegion include people of every country, cultural background, whichever religion you may have belonged to before – we welcome you with open arms! That is the beauty of our religion: We overcome all cultural differences by focussing on our common goal - a happy, healthy life.