Religious Festivals & Holidays of iLegion

Festivals and Events is what brings people together. Whether it is food, art, music or a religious holiday – we love to celebrate, and it is our firm belief that this act of celebrating is the greatest spiritual and religious connection you will have with our Goddess Iris and your community.

Because we are a firm believer of inclusion – we celebrate all kinds of holidays. And because we like to celebrate and enjoy life.

Stay tuned for our upcoming holiday celebration: Thanksgiving. We will provide you with great recipes, ideas to give thanks and inspirations for decorating for this holiday. You are more than welcome to join our festival celebrations because we welcome everyone with open arms.

The festivals in the religion of iLegion
The festivals in the religion of iLegion

MonthCelebration / EventReason
March / AprilEasterWell, we can still appreciate a public holiday!
May / JuneHoli Festival of ColoursSince we do not believe in too much wardrobe, it is a good opportunity to change the colour of it. Plus, our Goddess Iris is the Goddess of the rainbow – and those colours will be present there a lot. Lastly, it is just such a joyful event which is a trade truly incorporated in our religion.
JulyBee FestivalWe are worshipping the bee, since she is one of the most hardworking creatures there is and is doing so much for mother nature. In honour of the bee, we do a beehive hairstyle and give directions like a bee: dance with the waggle run at a specific angle. It’s fun and you are even more in awe with the skills of a bee.
NovemberThanksgivingThere are a lot of reasons to be thankful for – especially to mother earth and our goddess Iris for providing us with a path in life. Also, we love to eat together and share so we do not waste any food.
DecemberChristmasSuch a merry season. But we do not buy gifts! We collect things from people they don’t need any more, fix them (if needed) and hand them out to people in need.