Our Culture is as colourful as the rainbow of our Goddess Iris

Religions are often equated with strict rules, live in separate silos and are a little outdated. Well, not with us.

The cultures of iLegion
The cultures of iLegion

The ethical principles and the mystical rituals sound very rusty for what they actually are. They will be your guidance to connect with our spiritual Goddess Iris and your path to simplicity and caring about others.

We love diversity and inclusion. That also reflects in our religious festivals and events. We love celebrating, especially from different religions and beliefs because the teach us about their cultural and being respectful of what is important to them. We do combine those religious festival of iLegion with our faith, meaning we put our spin on them, respecting the original holiday with something we believe in.

Lastly, tell me one religion that is as open about its flaws as we are. After all we are just human, and we want our life to be enriched by our religion iLegion and not feel constricted.

Browse through our pages and learn to appreciate the core of our culture of the religion of iLegion.

Hope to see you soon on one of our religious festivals. Check out our festivals page or our news pages for upcoming events.

What is the main difference between iLegion and other religions?

iLegion is a religion of equality, connection with nature and restoration of balance in life.

Our main differences from other world religions are:

  • We have a female goddess instead of a male god.
  • Our religion has no temples or churches. Our bodies are our temples
  • Our religious faith is a true connection to nature and the joy of life
  • We bring simplicity and meaning back into life
  • We practice love, respect and believe in equality
  • We value and respect all our fellow human beings, animals, and nature.

Why are the differences between religions important?

There are many world religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. What makes a real difference is:

  • How these religions resonate with the people.
  • How people are treated.
  • How the religion can help improving people’s daily life.
  • If people have fun being a part of certain religious belief.

What distinguishes cool religions from boring ones?

Religion doesn't have to be boring or serious. iLegion is the religion of balance and fining a lot of joy in reconnection with simple life. Our Goddess Iris embodies love, kindness and caring for our people. She connects heaven and earth.

Our religious rituals include festivals, mystical rituals, dance, music and connection to nature. Find out about the world of iLegion to understand how we define fun! iLegion is a truly cool religion - read member’s reviews here