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26. Nov. 2021

Easy upcycle clothing hack

Try to embellish the things you already have. With simple means, like with the Batic technique, it's quite easy and the result at the end looks stunning. Perfect for this time of year with autumn leaves or beautiful Christmas motifs

24. Nov. 2021

The Religion of I Digital Detox Tips

You want to spent less time online? You want to live a life more healthier? In our daily News section we want to give you various hints and advices. Today we have an easy list of 15 life hacks helping you disconnecting and (re)calibrate.

20. Nov. 2021

Relax by the Religion of I

You work in a large office and you sometimes need quiet to concentrate. You already have a headset to protect yourself from annoying background noise, but you don't feel like listening to music anymore. Maybe an ASMR video would be right for you. Here is an typical example of ASMR. Calming voices and sounds relaxing you. Enjoy.

14 Nov. 2021

chrismas-cookies of i

In the pre-Christmas period, starting in early November, it is a kind of voluntary commitment that all iLegion believers bake rainbow cookies and hold a competition to see who has baked and decorated the most beautiful and delicious cookies. The iLegion cookie cutters are also considered unofficial membership cards and may not be given to non-believers. All types of dough are allowed, from gingerbread dough to shortbread, as long as they are edible. Rainbow cookies may be decorated with chocolate or colorful treats from the sugar factory. Delicious recipes are also shared, discussed and improved at the faith meetings. Sampling the baked goods of other faith members has also become a ritual during the Christmas season that we all follow. The main thing is that great, colorful treats come out of butter, flour, and lots of other magic. At the Rainbow Bazaar we sell the cookies also to non-members to spread the glad tidings of Iris to all winds, so that our faith will increase and become one of the important world religions. Cakes are not welcome in this time, even if carbohydrates are our friends in the cold season. It is no longer allowed to stick iLegion rainbow cookies on the outside of houses to attract small children with them, so that certain incidents never happen again. iLegion raw rainbow cookie cutter iLegion Rainbow cookie cutter iLegion decorated rainbow cookie cutter

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