iLegion: Find your spirituality and joy with our religion of iLegion and your inner Iota

Welcome! So glad to see you here. Let us introduce you to the religion of iLegion. We truly believe that we can enrich your life with our faith and our culture. Do you sometimes have the feeling you are spending more time “online”, like on the phone, tablet, laptop etc. then being really out there, exploring and experiencing the world? Like everything is running past you in a heartbeat? Don’t fret, we felt the same way. We will give you guidance how to stir through this ever-changing times and to give you stability, love and peace of mind.

Embrace your Iota

That is one of our core principles right there. Iota is the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet and is often used in reference to very small things. The way we interpret it means minimalism and simplicity. We tend to overload our life with stuff, wanting too much, running after unnecessary things in life that will not give you any happiness. Our life becomes very rigid and in hindsight, things that we thought we need, become more and more a burden to us.

If you have a look at our ten commandments, you will see that it has to do a lot with less is more and that eventually makes you more. So, are you ready to find your Iota with us?

iLive, iLove, iLaugh - iLegion

Embrace life – we just have one. So, lets enjoy it and do good. If you take a close look about our faith and our culture, you will notice, that next to simplicity, minimalism, and peace of mind, we are very much thriving for a lot of colours of emotion – just as many colours as in the rainbow of our Goddess Iris. Being kind and doing good is very important to us and is represented in our religious festivals and events.

Yes, we are a religion, but the good news is: Since we are a very young religion, we do not have a medieval scary Old Testament with lots of disturbing stories. We are very much in our times and in the here and now.

Join us – get in touch with us! We welcome everyone – since inclusion is at the heart of our religion of iLegion.